Which laws protect me from unequal treatment?

  • Constitution of the Republic of Estonia bans discrimination in general, and ensures everyone an equal position before the law.
  • Gender Equality Act bans discrimination on the basis of a person’s sex in all aspects of life.
  • Equal Treatment Act bans the unequal treatment of persons because of their nationality, race or skin colour in getting a job and in being paid or promoted, in education, and in acquiring goods and services.
  • The Equal Treatment Act also bans discrimination on the basis of age, disability, sexual orientation, religion or views – but here the legal protection is only in workplace and in vocational training.
  • According to the Equal Treatment Act, persons should not be treated less favourably, compared to others, in the workplace or in fulfilling family obligations, because of their social status, in representing the interests of employees or belonging to a trade union, because of their language skills or their duty to serve in the defence forces.