Campaign “SIIA SAAB. Kõik on oodatud”


The “SIIA SAAB. Kõik on oodatud” [a campaign to ensure an open and accessible environment for everyone] badge is a symbol of a courageous, open, and helpful environment.

By using the badge you value accessibility and create more equal opportunities for everyone. Do not worry if your institution or company does not have it at the moment. You can use this badge to show your attitudes and determination to make changes in the future. The “SIIA SAAB” symbol allows public authorities and employers, manufacturing companies, as well as service and transport companies, the Parliament and the ministries, hair salons and shoe repairs, restaurants, and gyms to demonstrate that they care. Everyone is welcome!   

If everyone is welcome at your place, please download the badge and put it in a visible place in a job ad or your home page. This way everyone will know about your open attitude and good access.

One symbol, two goals


The multicoloured sign indicates accessible public buildings, public authorities, transport, etc. This badge symbolises physical access and is location-based.

The blue badge is intended for employers who want to expand their workforce search and are willing to provide equal opportunities for all. The badge can be added to a job offer and home page. The monochrome badge is mainly intended for online use.


Let us make society and the environment around us more open to all people, regardless of their specific needs. Using the badge requires your readiness notice, your willingness to think about accessibility issues, and the real steps you need to take to improve the situation.

Take the next step

Take action now. Read more about the employer’s options, test the accessibility of your own solutions, and download the badge.