You do better at work when you don’t have to worry about your family

In every family, there may be times when someone needs more help than usual. For example, if a child falls ill. Or if an elderly grandparent needs to be taken to the doctor on time... Adults have a statutory obligation to take care of their family members. But how do you balance work and family commitments? There’s no doubt that the best solution is one where the employer finds a way to grant the employee’s request and the work gets done at the same time.  You can overcome any difficulty if you really want to.

Let’s see how Mart managed to help his wife and child.

Mart is a happy father. His son Jaan is in the first grade. His son’s going to school is a very important event for Mart. Unfortunately, Jaan was recently injured. He was playing in the yard with his friends and broke his leg. Jaan has to miss school for some time because of the injury. As Jaan is only in the first grade, he needs help to study at home. Mart understands that Jaan must not fall behind his classmates. It’s very important to keep up with others. However, Mart understands that it would be very difficult for Jaan’s mother to take care of her sick son, as she is really needed at work.

Mart thinks about the situation. He realises he could work from home some days. This would allow him to be with his son. Mart really wants to help his son and wife. Mart tells his employer about his concerns. Mart explains that he could also work from home. Unfortunately, the employer doesn’t want Mart to occasionally work from home.

How can this be solved? Life sometimes throws challenges at you. An employer can allow an employee work from home if the nature of their work permits this. This way, the employee can also help his or her family if necessary. Employers can show that they care about their employees and their families. Mart would be a lot calmer and happier if he didn’t have to worry about his son all the time while at work. A happy person is also better at their job. Mart explains to his employer that, as a parent, he is in fact entitled to stay at home to look after his child. Except then his work really wouldn’t get done. Mart is actually offering a better solution to his employer! The employer understands this and gives Mart permission to work from home some days. Jaan’s leg will soon heal as well. Jaan enjoys the time with his dad and his schoolwork is all done!