The purpose of the commissioner's opinion is to assess whether a person has been treated unequally in a specific situation.

Although the Commissioner's opinion is not legally binding, this does not mean that the Commissioner's opinion has no influence. The commissioner's opinion on whether discrimination has taken place or not is a help to the victim in the further protection of his rights and a guide to other law enforcement bodies. Thus, the commissioner's opinion gives a person greater clarity and certainty as to whether his suspicion of discrimination is justified and whether there would be sufficient grounds to turn to other institutions.

If the commissioner has given his opinion and found that discrimination has been detected, the person can, if he wishes, turn to the institutions that resolve discrimination disputes and can award compensation. Discrimination disputes are resolved by the court, the labor dispute committee or the Chancellor of Justice. Discrimination disputes are resolved in the Labor Disputes Committee if unequal treatment occurs in the employment relationship.

Opinions are presented in the original language, i.e. in Estonian